As construction of the centre was nearing completion, India and Nepal were badly affected with the deadly second wave of COVID-19. Sadly, the Provincial government in this part of the world, as elsewhere in Nepal, was not prepared for the calamity and many lost their loved ones. People were even struggling to get a bed in hospital, desperate to access basic essentials for survival such as oxygen and medicines. From the start, the Craniofacial Center itself has worked towards the betterment of the people and tried to help society in every way possible. Therefore, the Craniofacial Center converted its newly constructed building into a temporary 20 bed COVID-19 ISOLATED CENTER in collaboration with the PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL, JANAKPURDHAM & NRNA (Nepali Residents of North America) NCC OF USA in this need of an hour. In the isolation centre, the COVID patients were given free food, free medicines, continuous oxygen supply, with doctors, nursing staff and paramedics present around the clock. The staff within the isolation centre were also given support from expert COVID-19 Consultants around the world via video conferencing. The Craniofacial Center also provided free accommodation and free food to the staff on duty, in the residential part of the building. The main aim of this idea was to make sure that we were able to reach as many people as possible infected with the COVID-19 who needed care and also to make sure that no one should die on the roadside or due to lack of proper infrastructure.