The Cleft School project is a very unique project in Nepal to support people with facial disfigurement. It is noted that 1 in 500 children or adults in Nepal have some form of facial disfigurement and that none of these people with facial disfigurement have achieved high position, for example, professionals, government employees, politicians or in media. It has shown that education is the prime factor. It will be the first project in Nepal and is supported by Future Faces in the UK. This school will also provide home for children with facial disfigurement. Future Faces has been involved with the similar project in Hyderabad, India which has been very successful. Eight acres of land has been donated by Janki temple and approved by the municipal government. A detailed project report has been prepared and soil testing has been done for the construction of the building. We will now seek significant funding, hopefully from organizations such as UK Aid, to start this project. It is a great project, one which will be a great asset for the country.