Third International Conference.

We held another Conference, a truly international affair with speakers from New Zealand – Les Snape and Dr Ruth Spearing, India – Dr Jayanth Kesave, UK – Drs Sunil Sah, Abdul Ahmed, Abdul Delagous and Sami Farouk and Mark Shaw, a former RAMC Medic now working with UK-MED, Darren Netherwood, Sunil’s friend and construction advisor. Thanks to all for their wonderful input. Over two days, the first purely craniomaxillofacial and the second, jointly with the orthopaedic centre, there many great lectures and demonstrations, including life support training for the local police force and paramedics. During this period, apart from lecturing, Dr Jayanth carried out a number of cleft procedures and Abdul Ahmed some tumor resections. Our Craniofacial Center not only emphasizes on the patients suffering from the various craniofacial deformities but also focus on training the local surgeons as well as dentists so that they are competent enough to deliver the quality of treatment the patients deserve. On 8th March, 2020 a basic implantology course was conducted at our Centre led by Dr. Abdul Dalghous from UK, who has an extensive experience in Dental Implants. The clinicians from all over all over the Nepal participated in the program, who were exposed to hands on training on the models as well the live patients.