Our Projects

Proposed new Cleft School Project

The Cleft School project is a very unique project in Nepal to support people with facial disfigurement. It is noted that 1 in 500 children or adults in Nepal have some form of facial disfigurement and that none of these people with facial disfigurement have achieved high position, for example, professionals, government employees, politicians or in media. It has shown that education is the prime factor. It will be the first project in Nepal and is supported by Future Faces in the UK. This school will also provide home for children with facial disfigurement. Future Faces has been involved with the similar project in Hyderabad, India which has been very successful. Eight acres of land has been donated by Janki temple and approved by the municipal government. A detailed project report has been prepared and soil testing has been done for the construction of the building. We will now seek significant funding, hopefully from organizations such as UK Aid, to start this project. It is a great project, one which will be a great asset for the country.

Outreach Health Programs ‘Camps’ in Province 2
The camps are now on a regular and firm footing, covering the entire province. On each, a surgeon, a dentist, a nurse and our liaison officer /social worker spend a day, or if they are at a greater distance from Janakpur, two days, working. With the assistance of our very able manager, Saurav Thakur, we have developed a simple database, which collects all demographic data, records activities carried out and identifies people who need more specialized treatment at the center. The arrival of our new ambulance has made a great difference to our service. These camps are hard going given the nature of the local roads and health infrastructure and hats off to the entire team at the Craniofacial Centre for all their hard work gathering the patients, identifying their needs and organizing their care.

School Screening Program
As an addition to the outreach camps, we also conducted school screening programs in the schools in the Jankapurdham area. Through this we aim to screen children for any craniofacial anomalies at a very young age so that they get the much needed attention as soon as possible.

New CT Scanner
A new Cone beam CT scanner, FONA XPAN 3D, has been donated by Future Faces, made possible with a magnificent donation from Mrs Danuta Saville, to whom we are enormously grateful. It will be the first in the Province 2. At the end of 2022, this machine arrived in the Centre, ready to be installed in a dedicated room on the ground floor next to the consulting rooms. Through the use of this 3D scanner, we will be able to provide all sorts of additional services.

New Ambulance
Craniofacial Centre was hugely indebted to Intouch Global Foundation for the very generous funding for our new ambulance. It has proved a great boon to our outreach health programmes, as well as being a very effective way of advertising our facility Our support funding from Intouch Global Foundation has now come to an end. We are very grateful for all their wonderful support over the last five years.

Santoshi Saville, a baby was born with severe craniofacial deformity, amniotic band syndrome. She had been deposited in a dustbin at village in the Provincial 2 a day or two after birth by her trouble parent at the beginning of 2022. She was taken into the hospital where they cared for her prior to being transferred a few months later to the Craniofacial Center. Her name “Santoshi” was given by nursing staff in the hospital and her last name “Saville” by Danuta Seville, a very kind English lady who had heard of her plight. She has most generously undertaken to provide for all her care till she comes of an age when she can be independent. Initially, she lived in the hospital with her carer, Puja, who previously had been the cook and cleaner in the hospital but has now moved to her own apartment, shared with Puja and one of our nurses, near the hospital. She has had primary surgery at the CFC but is scheduled for definitive closure of the facial cleft in 2023. This will include surgery to move tissue on the right side of her face to re-establish continuity of her lower eyelid and so provide protection for her eye.

Craniofacial Centre Hospital
The Craniofacial Centre was inspired by Sunil Sah who had returned from the UK for his summer holiday. It was built in the summer of 2017 by him and a group of local doctors and dentists, who like so many from Janakpur, had left to build their lives elsewhere in Nepal due to the very poor economic conditions in the region. It was an addition to the Janakpur Trauma and Orthopaedic Hospital with whom we shared facilities. The aim of the Craniofacial Center was and is to provide high-quality patient care at low or no cost, providing free treatment to the large number of very poor people of this region. The population of Province 2 is around 6 million. It shares its border with India, the northern part of Bihar, which has a population of around 66 million. As there are no other designated craniofacial hospitals in Province 2 or the north of Bihar, our Centre has major potential and scope to cater to the needs of this large population. We started to build a new facility just before the onslaught of Covid at the beginning of 2020, and despite the major challenges this caused, we were able to largely complete the building and commission it in mid-2021. The new facilities have excellent access to the main connecting roads in Province. Building Faces Building Futures Professor Tony Markus and Mr Sunil Sah The Craniofacial Center not only focusses on treating patients suffering from various craniofacial deformities but importantly on training the local surgeons and allied professionals so that they are competent enough to deliver high quality of treatment the patients deserve. We completed all building work during 2022 and this was achieved. The new CFC hospital is not far from previous hospital. It provides us with a dedicated 25-bedded hospital. All our equipment in the old hospital was transferred to the new facility and we have added considerably to our kit. The ground floor consists of an eight-bed ward as well as out-patient facilities. There is a fully furnished dental surgery so as to provide oral and dental surgery support to our local communities, all provided by local dental surgeons. Additionally, there is a reception area, two consulting rooms, a room to house our new CT scanner and administration offices. The entire first floor contains the very wellequipped large operating theatre and 8 bedded level II supportive care (post-op recovery). The oxygen pipeline is connected to 20 beds and 6 oxygen concentrators provide extra support in addition to our bottled gases. Emergency electricity backup is maintained 24 hours with support of a generator. The second floor contains further beds and changing facilities for staff. On the third, there is a kitchen and small dining area and the reinstated medical library, all books having been provided by Book Aid International from the UK. The fourth floor provides accommodation for the resident medical officer and visitors. On the very top is housed washing machines and other domestic equipment.

Craniofacial Library
Thanks to the magnificent donation from Book Aid International, we have continued to build a major resource not only for the Craniofacial Centre but also for the medical community in Janakpur. We have received over 30 boxes of new edition books related to Maxillofacial surgery, plastic surgery, Orthopaedics and trauma surgery, acute medicine care and many more books related to dentistry. Local surgeons and trainees have regularly used this library.

As construction of the centre was nearing completion, India and Nepal were badly affected with the deadly second wave of COVID-19. Sadly, the Provincial government in this part of the world, as elsewhere in Nepal, was not prepared for the calamity and many lost their loved ones. People were even struggling to get a bed in hospital, desperate to access basic essentials for survival such as oxygen and medicines. From the start, the Craniofacial Center itself has worked towards the betterment of the people and tried to help society in every way possible. Therefore, the Craniofacial Center converted its newly constructed building into a temporary 20 bed COVID-19 ISOLATED CENTER in collaboration with the PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL, JANAKPURDHAM & NRNA (Nepali Residents of North America) NCC OF USA in this need of an hour. In the isolation centre, the COVID patients were given free food, free medicines, continuous oxygen supply, with doctors, nursing staff and paramedics present around the clock. The staff within the isolation centre were also given support from expert COVID-19 Consultants around the world via video conferencing. The Craniofacial Center also provided free accommodation and free food to the staff on duty, in the residential part of the building. The main aim of this idea was to make sure that we were able to reach as many people as possible infected with the COVID-19 who needed care and also to make sure that no one should die on the roadside or due to lack of proper infrastructure.

Ongoing training and support activity Keeping up with the Zoom culture of lockdown
We have had monthly webinars on diverse subjects ranging from head and neck oncology, temporomandibular joint problems and orthognathic surgery. So far, we have been very fortunate to have had distinguished speakers from the UK, Spain, Germany, New Zealand and India and audiences from almost every corner of the world as well as our trainees in Janakpur We have been fortunate to secure funding from the European Association of Craniomaxillofacial Surgeons for trainees from Nepal to spend time in Europe, at three centres – Madrid, East Grinstead and Wakefield. Surgeons from the European centres will continue to visit Janakpur to train local staff Whilst our main efforts have been concentrated this year in Nepal, we have continued to make grants to international trainees in support of further specialist craniomaxillofacial training.

Third International Conference.
We held another Conference, a truly international affair with speakers from New Zealand - Les Snape and Dr Ruth Spearing, India - Dr Jayanth Kesave, UK - Drs Sunil Sah, Abdul Ahmed, Abdul Delagous and Sami Farouk and Mark Shaw, a former RAMC Medic now working with UK-MED, Darren Netherwood, Sunil’s friend and construction advisor. Thanks to all for their wonderful input. Over two days, the first purely craniomaxillofacial and the second, jointly with the orthopaedic centre, there many great lectures and demonstrations, including life support training for the local police force and paramedics. During this period, apart from lecturing, Dr Jayanth carried out a number of cleft procedures and Abdul Ahmed some tumor resections. Our Craniofacial Center not only emphasizes on the patients suffering from the various craniofacial deformities but also focus on training the local surgeons as well as dentists so that they are competent enough to deliver the quality of treatment the patients deserve. On 8th March, 2020 a basic implantology course was conducted at our Centre led by Dr. Abdul Dalghous from UK, who has an extensive experience in Dental Implants. The clinicians from all over all over the Nepal participated in the program, who were exposed to hands on training on the models as well the live patients.