Santoshi Saville, a baby was born with severe craniofacial deformity, amniotic band syndrome. She had been deposited in a dustbin at village in the Provincial 2 a day or two after birth by her trouble parent at the beginning of 2022. She was taken into the hospital where they cared for her prior to being transferred a few months later to the Craniofacial Center. Her name “Santoshi” was given by nursing staff in the hospital and her last name “Saville” by Danuta Seville, a very kind English lady who had heard of her plight. She has most generously undertaken to provide for all her care till she comes of an age when she can be independent. Initially, she lived in the hospital with her carer, Puja, who previously had been the cook and cleaner in the hospital but has now moved to her own apartment, shared with Puja and one of our nurses, near the hospital. She has had primary surgery at the CFC but is scheduled for definitive closure of the facial cleft in 2023. This will include surgery to move tissue on the right side of her face to re-establish continuity of her lower eyelid and so provide protection for her eye.