Ongoing training and support activity Keeping up with the Zoom culture of lockdown

We have had monthly webinars on diverse subjects ranging from head and neck oncology, temporomandibular joint problems and orthognathic surgery. So far, we have been very fortunate to have had distinguished speakers from the UK, Spain, Germany, New Zealand and India and audiences from almost every corner of the world as well as our trainees

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Craniofacial Library

Thanks to the magnificent donation from Book Aid International, we have continued to build a major resource not only for the Craniofacial Centre but also for the medical community in Janakpur. We have received over 30 boxes of new edition books related to Maxillofacial surgery, plastic surgery, Orthopaedics and trauma surgery, acute medicine care and

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Santoshi Saville, a baby was born with severe craniofacial deformity, amniotic band syndrome. She had been deposited in a dustbin at village in the Provincial 2 a day or two after birth by her trouble parent at the beginning of 2022. She was taken into the hospital where they cared for her prior to being

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New Ambulance

Craniofacial Centre was hugely indebted to Intouch Global Foundation for the very generous funding for our new ambulance. It has proved a great boon to our outreach health programmes, as well as being a very effective way of advertising our facility Our support funding from Intouch Global Foundation has now come to an end. We

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New CT Scanner

A new Cone beam CT scanner, FONA XPAN 3D, has been donated by Future Faces, made possible with a magnificent donation from Mrs Danuta Saville, to whom we are enormously grateful. It will be the first in the Province 2. At the end of 2022, this machine arrived in the Centre, ready to be installed

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